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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

We’ve all heard that good communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship and nowhere is that more true than between links in a temperature-controlled supply chain.

When it comes to improving communication with their partners, businesses have long turned to EDI. And despite predictions to the contrary, rather than being replaced by newer methods, EDI has continued its role as the workhorse of B2B connectivty — and with good reason — because it works.

Automating order processing and the transmission of inventory adjustments means less data entry, shorter order cycle times, reduced order issues, fewer inventory discrepancies and more accurate fulfillment.

While EDI remains the most popular method for the computer-to-computer interchange of structured business data, it’s far from the only option. Our in-house team regularly works with partners to implement a variety of EDI-like solutions, using an array of common file formats and modes of transmission.

Customer Portal

Get secure, round the clock access to enter and track orders, view inventory levels in real-time, print documents, generate reports and more!

Developed by our team using the latest in web technologies, the KMT Customer Portal is a seamless extension of our warehouse management system, providing an unparalleled level of account access. Our customer portal features a responsive design that works well across all popular browsers and the intuitive interface means little to no learning curve.

  • Robust Order Entry
  • Real-Time Inventory Visibility
  • PDF Document Printing
  • Custom Reporting with Excel Output
  • Product Code Management
  • Role-Based Access Levels
  • SSL Encrypted
  • In-House Support
Did You Know...

An estimated 90% of Fortune 500 companies implement EDI.

According to a 2018 report from Forrester Research, US businesses use EDI for $4.7 trillion worth of commerce a year, with a 7.1% compound annual growth rate, 2012-2018.


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