KMT Brrr!

Our Mission

KMT Brrr! is committed to providing best in class refrigerated logistics services that exceed our customers’ expectations. We are a company whose senior management leads by example, encouraging team members to consistently give their best.

Our History

Founded in 1979 as a motor freight company, transporting goods from NJ, PA and DE ports to warehouses throughout the region, from its earliest days our company has been focused on providing customers with a level of service that is second to none.

With decades in the transportation industry, having built a reputation for reliability and integrity, KMT Brrr! built upon the relationships fostered with area food producers and constructed its first temperature-controlled warehouse in 2001. Continuing our unyielding commitment to exceptional service, we quickly established ourselves as an up-and-coming, full-service cold chain logistics provider.

Our success is fundamentally linked to the success of our customers, and as they’ve grown, so have we. To accommodate this growth, we underwent extensive expansions in 2004 and 2006. And in 2009, we opened our second facility in Logan Township, NJ. Following additional expansion in 2015, KMT Brrr! now operates 12.2 million cubic feet of multi-temperature storage space in two modern, clean, energy efficient facilities, with construction of our third underway.

Four decades into our story, we remain as focused on the principles that have driven our success as we were on day one.